I am told by a reliable source that the new bane of holiday television consumption is the Crazy Target Lady:

I dumped cable for Netflix, Hulu, and MLB.tv awhile ago, and the only thing I watch on broadcast is football (which means "Every kiss begins with Kay" and Mike Rowe overexposure are what give me hives). So I've missed out on this phenomenon. If it is indeed one, it's a shame, because the woman who plays the Crazy Target Lady is my favorite living standup comedian.* I have spoken my peace on Maria Bamford previously, but I just want to reiterate: don't hold the Target thing against her. If it's allowing her to do the "quiet, odd joke-stories" that make up her stand-up act—in structure and approach, she's probably closer to Bill Cosby than any other prominent stand-up—then it's the price we have to pay as a society.


Maria Bamford – Get the Little Lady Started
Maria Bamford Comedians Stand-Ups


Her song "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" (slightly NSFW) legitimately makes me feel less alone in the world.


* In a different mood, it's Chris Rock. Louis C.K. is probably the best craftsman among stand-ups, but I identify a lot more with Bamford's wary, unstable comedic persona.