It's a big day for Chicago's flufferest new addition: As of this morning, voting has officially begun on a new name for Pup 681, the orphaned sea otter recently rescued and adopted by Shedd Aquarium. Polls are open through next Thursday, December 11, at Good Morning America, where voters can choose from five names selected by Shedd staff.

Your options, plus the aquarium's explanation of each:

  • Cali: "to honor the California otter"
  • Ellie: "Año Nuevo State Park is well-known for its elephant seals and Elkhorn Slough is right up the coast from Monterey and home to many sea otters"
  • Luna: "Derived from nearby Half Moon Bay and the Shedd Members Choice"
  • Poppy: "for the California State Flower"
  • Aña or Anya: "Derived from Año Nuevo State Park"

Shedd's poll is not without its mysteries. If Aña/Anya wins, which spelling will they use? Why does it take eight more days to name an otter than to elect a U.S. president? Why not give voters at least one adorbsballs option, like Miss Fuzzster? These answers and more remain guarded deep within Shedd Aquarium—but Chicago staffers took a stab at them this afternoon.

The votes are in: Bayonce it is.