1. Goodbye, Garry

The four-year tenure of police superintendent Garry McCarthy ended ignominiously today. Chicago’s editor looks at what Rahm must do next.

2. A Corruption Beyond Chicago’s Top Cop

McCarthy may have resigned, but that’s just the minimum level of accountability. Ta-Nehisi Coates writes in The Atlantic.

3. Tyshawn Lee’s Killing the Fourth in Recent Feud Between Gang Factions

The murder of the 9-year-old is unprecedented, but it’s part of a worsening conflict. The Tribune traces the violence.

4. Chicagoans Actually Do Protest Violence in Their Communities All the Time

Contrary to assumptions, organizing against street crime is constant and ongoing. DNAInfo details the efforts.

5. Feds Drag Out Investigation While City Bleeds

The mayor, the top cop, and the state’s attorney have all been criticized for the delays in the Laquan McDonald case. But the DOJ deserves to be called out as well. Carol Marin makes the argument in the Sun-Times.

6. A Wealthy Governor and His Friends Are Remaking Illinois

Bruce Rauner and his small, rich circle of supporters are trying to reshape the state to their political priorities. The New York Times follows the money.

7. What Happened the Last Time a Chicago Cop Was Charged with Murder

Jason Van Dyke will go on trial for shooting Laquan McDonald—the first time in 35 years a police officer has been charged with the crime. Chicago magazine looks back.

8. The Most Important Restaurant of 2015 That You’ve Never Heard Of

Arbor combines a farm, coffee shop, and tasting menu, and its quiet approach is slowly gaining a following. Fooditor profiles the new establishment.

9. Chicago Activists Explain Why Black Space Matters

Across the country, organizers have created black-only spaces, off-limits to anyone else. Why? The Reader and City Bureau explain.

10. Where Have All the Old-School Donut Shops Gone?

And why is Dunkin’ Donuts all over the place? WBEZ does some extensive research.