1. Before Laquan McDonald, a Chicago Police Shooting with No Video

Calvin Cross was shot and killed by three policemen in 2011. Police said they were fired on, but the evidence doesn’t suggest it. Alex Kotlowitz tells the story in The New Yorker.

2. Four Bodies in Elmhurst

Why did an 82-year-old man kill himself, his wife, and their two developmentally disabled children? The New York Times Magazine reconstructs the Stack family’s life.

3. Karen Lewis: Rahm Would Have Won Even If McDonald Video Had Been Released

On the rebound from a brain tumor, the CTU head has no interest in running for mayor, but she’ll continue pressuring the current one. She sits down with Chicago magazine.

4. Rahm Emanuel’s Next Scandal? Chicago’s Public Housing

The CHA has a big surplus, a big waiting list, lots of promises to keep…and an opaque strategy for the future. The New Republic tries to figure it out.

5. How Corporations Profit from Black Teens’ Viral Content

South Chicago teen Kayla Newman gave the world “on fleek.” But what do teens like her get in return? Fader tracks down viral internet stars.

6. Murky CPD Order on Use of Force Could Seal Van Dyke’s Fate

The trial of Laquan McDonald’s shooter will hinge on police rules, and it doesn’t look good for him. The Sun-Times breaks it down.

7. The Swinging Times of Chicago’s Revolving Doors

Why do so many buildings in the city have them? They work better in tall buildings and cold climates. WBEZ investigates.

8. Activists: It’s Time for Rahm Emanuel to Go

Protests in the wake of the Laquan McDonald video have the administration on its heels. But who’s behind them? Buzzfeed profiles the organizers.

9. Kimochi Sound: Unfamiliar by Design

The label has no publicist or digital sales, selling its music only on 12-inch vinyl with hand-stenciled sleeves. So how does it grow? Slowly. The Reader discovers the mysterious locals.

10. Fermilab Experiment Finds No Evidence That We Live in a Hologram

So is it all nonsense? Or just a null result? Gizmodo explains.