1. Trump’s ‘Sanctuary City’ Plan Could Cost Chicago $3.6 Billion

That’s how much federal aid the city gets every year—for fixing roads and taking care of the most vulnerable. The Better Government Association runs the numbers.

2. Columbia’s Identity Crisis

Enrollment is declining at “Chicago’s most overlooked big deal.” Can it stay stable while staying the same? Chicago magazine explores its future.

3. Impact of Chicago’s Violence on Girls in Toughest Neighborhoods Often Overlooked

And helping them can help the boys they’ll go on to raise as well. The Tribune examines their safety net, and where it’s missing.

4. The People Issue

An anti-violence activist who’s lost 28 friends and family members to violence, a Nobel-winning chemist, a former beat cop working for reform, and others make the list. The Reader drops its epic annual look at our fascinating neighbors.

5. Illinois Energy Bill: After Race to the Finish, What Does It All Mean?

The state did manage to get a big bill passed: arcane measures through long negotiations that will boost solar, nuclear, and renewables. Midwest Energy News delves into the details.

6. Resurrecting the Alliance of Black Revolutionaries and Southern Whites, Decades After a Government Crackdown

In the 1960s, the Black Panthers started joining forces with the Young Patriots Organization, which organized Appalachian whites in Chicago. What happened? The Washington Post talks with former YPO member Hy Thurman.

7. When You Tell

Writer and editor Zoe Zolbrod carried the secret of childhood sexual abuse for years. Until one day she stopped. The Longest Shortest Time podcast has her tell her story.

8. What’ll You Have… It In? How Chicago Bars Find Great Glassware

Start with vintage stores, EBay, and West Coast tiki mug specialists, and expect to spend thousands of dollars a year. Fooditor talks to mixologists about their wares.

9. How Do You Revive Soggy French Fries?

First, we must understand the nature of the French fry. A University of Chicago physicist explains for the A.V. Club.

10. Chicago Faces Power Outage as Trump Succeeds Obama

Those ties matter. And Chicago—and Illinois—are in a particularly vulnerable place to lose clout. Bloomberg Politics looks at the possibilities.