1. Cardinal Cupich Shoulders Chicago’s Catholic Future

He has to shrink the church—but at the same time, he’s decentralizing it, giving more power to the laity, and trying to open it up. The National Catholic Reporter goes deep on his tenure.

2. Chicago’s Deadliest Neighborhoods Get Greenest Cops

Six South and West Side districts with the highest murder rates also have the most rookies. Jefferson Park, on the far Northwest Side, has none. The Sun-Times looks at their experience.

3. Chicago’s Longest-Running Stage Show Is Ending. Now What?

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind has offered 30 plays in 60 minutes for 28 years. Its creator just pulled the theater company’s rights to it, but the Neo-Futurists are forging on. Chicago talks to artistic director Kurt Chiang.

4. Towing the Line

Since the infamous 1979 blizzard, Chicago has had parking bans on some arterial roads for snow plowing. But do we need them, or are they just moneymakers? WBEZ uses data to answer the question.

5. Chicago’s New Generation of Bluesmen

With the Rolling Stones paying tribute to the past of Chicago blues on their new album, who’s the future? The Guardian finds out.

6. A Decade of Pain

That’s what it will take Illinois to climb out of its financial hole. Peoria Public Radio covers a new report on the state’s situation.

7. New Deal-Era Maps Show Racist Redlining and Anti-Density Forces at Work

They’re the “Rosetta stone” of American cities. What do they say about Chicago? Chicago magazine breaks them down.

8. J.B. Pritzker Gauges Support for Self-Funded 2018 Gubernatorial Run

The Democratic party doesn’t have the donor pool it used to. But the well-connected investor has the cash. Politico breaks the news.

9. Will a Trump DOJ Quash Chicago Police Reforms?

The Obama-era department has been more aggressive in finding patterns and practices of violations in major cities. Under Trump, Chicago could get less leadership from the feds, but that doesn’t mean they can stop reform. The Reader looks at the possibilities.

10. Do You Speak Like a Midwesterner?

If you say “different” to mean “bad,” you might. Crain’s notes the signs.