This is awesome (via Gizmodo):

Back when I worked at the Reader, I tended an online missed-connections feature. So I am completely unsurprised that—small sample size aside—1) the train is most frequent in Illinois and that 2) m4w way paces m4m and w4m (dudes, man). I am also not surprised that the top scene in Wisconsin is "bar." I am simultaneously surprised and not that "at home" is the top category in Indiana.

Public transit is also the place to see and be seen in states with good systems, though of different forms: the subway in New York; the metro in DC; the train in New Jersey; and the bus in the Pacific Northwest. Lots of WalMarts and supermarkets in flyover country, but South Carolina reflects deep-south traditions.

Boston also has a good public transit system, so the subway dominates in Massachusetts, but I love that their Connecticut neighbors most frequently make eyes at the Stop & Shop (with the radio on, with them in love with modern moonlight).