1. Noble Network of Charters Lures Chicago Business Elite

The state’s biggest charter-school network raises big money from the city’s big names in business. Here’s how it happened. Crain’s makes the connections.

2. Chicago’s New Police Computer Predicts Crimes, But Is It Racist?

CPD analysis promises to stop crime before it starts, but there’s concern that the system could be abused. The Verge investigates.

3. Chicago Area’s Wealthy Districts Likely Losers in Funding Plan

Seventy-five percent of the wealthiest school districts in the state are located around Chicago—and they may see more of that money going to impoverished districts downstate and elsewhere. The Tribune analyzes new proposals from state officials.

4. What’s Behind the Daley Decline?

Da Mare’s family no longer has the power it used to. Carol Felsenthal explains why, and which Daleys might get it back. Chicago magazine looks back, and ahead to future generations of Daleys.

5. Chicago’s Ukrainian Community Prays, Mourns Deaths of Protesters

The city’s Ukrainian commuity is 50,000 strong, and closely following events in Kiev. The Sun-Times talks to residents about their homeland.

6. Can You Hear Us Now? No? Well, Here’s Why

Chicago is a great radio town, but “shadowing” and “multipath interference” mean you can’t always hear it, even downtown. WBEZ’s Curious City describes the weird science of radio waves.

7. “El Chapo” Guzmán: How the World’s Most Wanted Drug Lord Was Finally Busted

The leader of Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel was just captured—and Chicago, where his organization has deep ties, is one place he could be tried. CNN tells the complex story.

8. How Can Schools Fix the “Mania” of Achievement Testing?

A conversation with James Heckman and two co-authors on why and how we should balance cognitive skills with character. Chicago magazine speaks to the Nobel winner at length.

9. The Commuting Penalty of Being Poor and Black in Chicago

Black women spend 80 minutes a week longer in transit than working-class white women. The Atlantic Cities explains why.

10. Jahlil Okafor Vs. Cliff Alexander and an Instant Classic Chicago High School Championship Game

A “dream matchup”—between the best high school player in the nation and Chicago’s favorite high school star—delivers. SB Nation recounts a game that had it all.