For the next two weeks, you'll be bombarded with news about the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. There's a nice way to have fun with the deluge of information: Follow a few locals on social media. 

This short list includes Chicago reporters breaking Olympic news, athletes posting photos between events, official accounts that could highlight a local star—and a few big outlets that can round out your mix of coverage. 


Brian Cassella, Photojournalist, Chicago Tribune

Brian Cassella is an excellent photographer to follow any time. In Sochi, his Instagram account is the perfect fix for Olympic lovers stuck in the Western Hemisphere. (He's pretty good on Twitter, too.)

Megan Bozek, Women's Hockey Player

Born and raised in Chicagoland, Megan E Bozek moved on to the University of Minnesota, where she played defense for the Golden Gophers. Now she's a part of the gold medal favorite American women's hockey team—and she'll hopefully find time to keep her Instagram stream lively. 

Aja Evans

One of the Chicago athletes to watch at Sochi, Aja Evans will compete in the women's bobsled event. Here's hoping she posts a POV video of her team racing down the track.

US Figure Skating

Watch the US Figure Skating stream for images of Chicagoan Gracie Gold, and the rest of the athletes—it's a great way to keep an eye on a sport as graceful and picturesque as figure skating.


This one might be obvious—and, admittedly, the Olympics stream isn't a Chicago thing at all—but really, it's already been a great set of images coming out of Sochi.


Jared S. Hopkins, Speedskating Reporter, Chicago Tribune

Hopkins will cover speedskating in Sochi, including Chicago native Shani Davis in his pursuit of a third gold medal. 


Stacy St. Clair, Reporter, Chicago Tribune

St. Clair's tweet of her yellow tap water went viral and led the anti-Sochi charge on social media. But since then, her tweets have been more gentle. Some have even been nice! 


Chris Kuc, Hockey Reporter, Chicago Tribune

Kuc is a must-follow for hockey fans. The Olympics stand as the globe's biggest hockey tournament, and Kuc is on the beat for both the men's and women's side. He gives you a dose of the real Sochi life, too. 


Mark Lazerus, Hockey Reporter, Chicago Sun-Times

The Olympic hockey tournament is so big, you may need some supplemental tweeting. Lazerus has you covered.


Philip Hersh, Olympic Writer, Chicago Tribune

Hersh has covered the Olympics masterfully for the Tribune since 1987. His reports focus less on the actual games and more on the international backdrop. Follow him to get some insight into Sochi along with news.


Mark MacKinnon, Senior International Correspondent, The Globe and Mail

MacKinnon isn't a Chicago-based reporter, but no one on social media has covered the Olympics better. MacKinnon keeps tabs on Putin, the human rights issues, Sochi's urban environment, and all other behind-the-scenes activites of the Games.

If there's one account to keep you tapped into Sochi, it's MacKinnon's. (And, while you're at it, it wouldn't hurt to add in @Olympics and @USOlympic, too.)