1. The Remarkable Rise and Fall of McDonald’s CEO

Don Thompson rose slowly but surely from Cabrini-Green to McDonald’s CEO after 24 years at the company. But his time at the top was short and tumultous. Chicago follows his fall.

2. The Internet is Full of Men Who Hate Feminism. Here’s What They’re Like in Person.

What do men’s rights activists talk about over shots of Fireball? Vox goes out on the town in River North with an MRA.

3. Tracking 434 Missing Students After School Closings

CPS said that it lost track of only seven pupils after it shut down schools in 2013. The actual number is much higher, and may never be known. Catalyst Chicago pulls the records.

4. Is Ending Segregation the Key to Ending Poverty?

Chicago’s decades-long experiment in relocating former housing-project residents came with benefits for its subjects. The Atlantic makes the case.

5. Ambassadors from Other Cities: The Global Culture of Cab Drivers

Why taxi drivers tend to be well-educated professionals from abroad. A former hack looks back in NewCity.

6. Raising the Brow

Could Anthony Davis, now in his third year in the NBA, be the best basketball player ever to come out of Chicago? Grantland charts his evolution.

7. College of DuPage’s Robert Breuder: ‘The Bobby Knight of College Presidents’

His big severance package caused a commotion, but the outgoing leader has always made waves (and money). The Tribune profiles the controversial chief.

8. The Most Important Issue No One’s Talking About in the Mayoral Race

One man will govern two Chicagos, but none of the candidates are talking about bringing them together. The Reader raises the issue.

9. The Unplumbed Depths of Government Data

What would happen if we got to the bottom of the information we’re generating? Chicagoans are trying to find out. Vice digs deep.

10. Do You Remember the Measles Outbreak of 1989?

The last time the hyper-infectious virus reared its head, it hit Chicago hard. Chicago takes its toll.