1. Left Out

One of the best players in baseball reflects on Jackie Robinson West—and his own climb through Little League. Andrew McCutcheon tells his story in The Player’s Tribune.

2. Sixteen Shots

In 2014, 17-year-old Laquan McDonald was shot and killed by Chicago police. The autopsy report, obtained via a FOIA request, shows he was shot 16 times. Slate revisits his case.

3. How CPS Officials Decided to Pull ‘Persepolis’ From the Classroom

When the graphic novel disappeared from school shelves, officials said it was a misunderstanding. Newly released emails paint a different picture. The Chicago Reader reads between the lines.

4. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia Is Confident He’ll Force Rahm into a Runoff

He’s only in the race because Karen Lewis tapped him as her replacement, but he’s feeling good about his chances. Chicago magazine sits down with the candidate.

5. Study: Even for College-Educated Blacks, Road to Full-Time Work Is Rocky

From ages 22–27, their unemployment rate is more than twice the rate for whites, over 10 percent, while facing even more pressure to succeed right away. The Tribune looks at the causes.

6. Tricknology 101

Public housing in Chicago is considered a failure, and that view drives policy nationwide. Why aren’t we learning from New York City? Jacobin compares Atlanta, New York, and the Windy City.

7. A War on Workers in Illinois

Bruce Rauner wants to eliminate “fair share” fees for state unions, weakining their influence. It’s going to be a big battle, both politically and legally. The New York Times editorial board predicts it will go all the way to the Supreme Court.

8. Super PAC Brings ‘DC-Style Politics’ to Local Ward Races, But to What Effect?

The mayor has broad support in City Council, so why bother beating up on the handful of independents? WBEZ profiles Chicago Forward.

9. In Chicago, a Spoon Full of Blues Help the Medicine Go Down

Doctor and blues guitarist Daniel Ivankovich aids aging, under-insured musicians in need of care. USA Today finds a community in need.

10. The Wrenching Fall of a Champion

A writer who profiled Jackie Robinson West tries to process their downfall. Bryan Smith reflects on their journey in Chicago magazine.