1. Why We Love Chicago

Hannibal Buress loves our mild sauce. Bob Odenkirk loves our winters (really). Bill Kurtis loves the Billy Goat. And our writers and contributors love 64 more things about the city. Chicago magazine counts the ways.

2. Her Team Is 0–24, but She Might Deserve Coach of the Year Honors

Chicago State doesn’t have a win. It doesn’t have an athletic director. Some games it only has six players. But they keep going. The New York Times profiles Angela Jackson.

3. Who Really Runs Your City?

Increasingly, it’s private companies that do, thanks to the privatization of services. And Chicago’s at the heart of the trend. Talking Points Memo traces its evolution.

4. The Man Behind the Fiscal Fiasco in Illinois

Lots of politicians and bureaucrats are responsible. But one man has been a constant. Reuters gets to the heart of Michael Madigan.

5. Serial Killers Should Fear This Algorithm

A retired reporter is trying to find trends in unsolved murders, including why so many go unsolved. Closer to home there are a lot of them, and he’s having trouble even getting the data. Bloomberg Businessweek profiles Thomas Hargrove.

6. Why Chance the Rapper—Who Just Made Grammy History—Gives His Music Away for Free

It gives him freedom, which he’s turned into a huge audience, which buys the merch that he actually makes his money from. Quartz explains.

7. Come Hell or High Water: Can Great Lakes Shipping Make a Resurgence?

In 2014, 52.4 million tons of cargo traveled the lake. That’s 60 percent less than in 1970. WBEZ explores the possibilities.

8. Inside 20 Years of Joan of Arc

Music saved Tim Kinsella, even if he doesn’t always make that music easy for fans and critics. Noisey looks back at the band.

9. Chicago Musicians Speak Up About the Affordable Care Act

They’re underinsured at higher rates than the general population. The ACA made it possible for many to get treatment and make a living with their craft. What happens next? The Reader surveys local artists about the issue.

10. 7 Countries. 1 Adopted City. Legal Limbo.

They came from chaos, looking for stability. But after the president’s executive order on immigration, the future looks uncertain again. Chicago magazine talks with immigrants from each country.