1. Police in Chicago Public Schools Operate with No Special Training and Little Oversight

“If we were detectives, they’d send us to detective school. If we were equestrian officers, they’d train us with horses. We’re the only unit that doesn’t get that specialized training.” City Bureau and the Chicago Reader investigate.

2. On Patrol with Chicago’s Last Violence Interrupters

With its public funding all but gone, Cure Violence is a shell of its former self—and homicides are up. The Trace follows their path.

3. Inside Englewood’s Best Corner Store

Half the neighborhood’s residents visit one every day. They might live in a food desert, but it’s not all bad. City Bureau and Chicago magazine profile Sami Deffala, the neighborhood’s corner-store king.

4. The Troll Taunter

Emily Temple-Wood started editing Wikipedia in middle school. After years of receiving abuse for it, she cleverly struck back. Backchannel talks with the young Chicago medical student about her efforts.

5. Even for Reporters, Sad Tales Too Much to Bear

A veteran crime reporter will cover thousands of tragedies. Doing them all—and doing them all with equal gravity—is a fearsome task. Will Lee reflects on the job for the Tribune.

6. Can Chicago’s Poorest ‘Pull Themselves Up by Their Bootstraps’?

Even one who has, an Englewood girl college-bound for NYU despite having to do work on her phone because she didn’t have a computer, is skeptical. DNAInfo looks at the numbers, and the people.

7. These Vintage Business Cards from Chicago Gangs Are Crazy as Hell

Why did they carry cards? And why were they in Old English fonts? Vice talks with the author of Thee Almighty & Insane.

8. Freedom for a Cop Killer

Zolo Anzania was sentenced to death twice for fatally shooting a wounded police officer, the second person he’d killed as a young man. After three decades in prison, why is he back on the streets? The Sun-Times explores the case.

9. The Grit and Glory of Chicago’s Underground Pro Wrestling Scene

The Freelance Wrestling League sounds like what it is, but the wrestlers are ripped and passionate about their night job. Chicago presents a photo essay by Michael Jarecki.

10. How Chicago Turned Emmett Till’s Death into a National Conversation

A new book broke the news that his accuser lied about Till threatening her. But it’s not the only significant part of the story. WBEZ speaks with author Timothy Tyson.