1. At Major Northwest Side Bakery, Labor Issues Pit Blacks vs. Hispanics

When 800 workers lost their jobs after an immigration audit, it started a chain of events that led to the bakery being sold, while bringing up old tensions. The Sun-Times tells the story.

2. On Deck: Cubs, White Sox Helping New Generation of Women Rise Up in Baseball

Grace Guerrero Zwit broke the local glass ceiling when the Sox hired her away from the Chicago Board of Trade because she spoke Spanish. She was alone for years, but no longer. The Athletic profiles Zwit and those who have followed her.

3. Facing Drumbeat of Anti-Immigrant Policies, Activists Struggle to Put Themselves First

Political changes have put more pressure on them than ever, and they’re having to figure out new approaches to sustain a long fight. Chicago magazine talks with people on the front lines.

4. When Women Are Abused On Screen—and How That Shapes Opinions About Whose Stories We Believe in Real Life

The legendary 1984 film The Burning Bed was a huge hit (and a cultural milestone). So why do so few movies deal with domestic violence? The Chicago Tribune explores the question.

5. MFK. Has a New Chef. A Very New Chef.

Alisha Elenz just took over at the acclaimed Lakeview restaurant. It’s the fulfillment of a dream she had… five years ago, when she was 18. Fooditor follows her path from the counter at her uncle’s pizzeria.

6. How the Designer of the World’s Tallest Tower Got His Career Off the Ground

An accountant his father was working with was the father-in-law of the legendary architect Bruce Graham. It’s all been up from there. The Wall Street Journal sits down with Adrian Smith.

7. Cook County’s Residential Property Tax Assessments Deeply Unfair, Independent Study Confirms

The assessor challenged the Chicago Tribune over similar findings. His ally, Toni Preckwinkle, ordered an independent study in response. It found the same problems. ProPublica Illinois and the Tribune team up to cover its conclusions.

8. What the Artist Behind Chance the Rapper’s Album Art Is Doing for Chicago

His work has been seen worldwide as a result. Now he’s looking back at the neighborhood he came from, Greater Grand Crossing, with new pieces. CityLab talks with Brandon Breaux.

9. JGMA’s Innovative Kmart-to-School Conversion Opens in Waukegan

Juan Gabriel Moreno Architects carved a college prep out of an old big box store. Curbed Chicago looks inside.

10. How Wall Street’s ‘Fear Gauge’ Is Being Rigged, According to One Whistleblower

The Cboe Volatility Index is supposed to reflect uncertainty on the S&P 500. But a letter to the SEC suggests that it might be resonding to false signals. Marketwatch explains.