1. Inside the Marriage Lab

Aziz Ansari and David Brooks are fans of Northwestern social psychologist Eli Finkel. What can he do for your marriage? Chicago gives him a chance.

2. The Towers Came Down, and with Them the Promise of Public Housing

Cabrini-Green is probably the last project of its kind. But we haven’t figured out what to do in their absence. The New York Times explores its legacy.

3. Chicago Is a City Divided by Barbecue

Because of history, the South Side has its own peculiar form of barbecue. Because of history, it’s not very well known outside Chicago, or even in it. Saveur examines why.

4. Pritzker’s Storied Charity Costs Him Little But Taxpayers a Lot

The gubernatorial candidate has given away $152 million in recent years—but it’s mostly untaxed, inherited money coming from a tax haven in the Bahamas. The BGA follows the money.

5. The Music Industry Wasn’t Ready for Chief Keef

It’s been just six years since his debut album, which sold just 50,000 copies in its first week. But he showed album sales didn’t matter, and changed the business (and sound) of hip-hop. The Outline charts his rise.

6. In Chicago, Black Entrepreneurs Seeking Venture Capital Face Excessive Scrutiny and Discrimination

Only one percent of VC money goes to black-owned companies. Here, that leaves promising businesses to fend for themselves. Belt Magazine talks to them about the dilemma.

7. Obama: The Man in the Background

The future president came to Chicago to create change. But at first he just had trouble finding a job. WBEZ’s Making Obama podcast kicks off.

8. Who Pulls the Strings on the PLUC?

The Pilsen Land Use Committee is supposed to represent the community in decisions about large developments coming to the neighborhood. Some community members think it represents the alderman and is causing affordable housing to disappear. South Side Weekly investigates.

9. Where Do You Go After Grace? A Coffee Roastery

Matt Danko was on the way to be the top restaurant’s chef de cuisine. Then it closed. But another place on the rise snatched him up. Fooditor profiles the young chef.

10. To Learn About Improving Urban Public Schools We Should Study Chicago. Yes, Chicago

The district has been through tumult year after year. But something seems to be working. The Washington Post asks why.