Jay Cutler


In November, Jay Cutler announced that he was voting for Mitt Romney. He may want to reconsider.

Not that I care; I don't bring politics to my sports heroes, much less athletes who I root for out of regional convenience and familial comity. But he's going against his base.

(I was looking for something else. Your guess is as good as mine as to why this [PDF] exists, but if I worked for a polling outfit, I'd probably get bored asking the same questions, too. Gay marriage again? Zzzzz.)

Not bad; he's got a lot of "not sure" to work with. Let's look at the crosstabs.

Swing voters are indecisive about everything.

Cutler's significantly less popular with Republicans. Why? Maybe it's regional, and the very Democratic Chicago area stands by its quarterback. (Then again, this poll was taken November 26-28, just after the Bears beat the Vikings to go 8-3. Then they fell apart. Democrats could be 80-20 against Cutler now, for all we know.) Maybe liberal views on law and order extend to performance and depth charts. Or maybe it's this:

Interestingly enough, liberals were much more likely to declare a favorite NFL team, and for that team to be the Bears. And much less likely to be Packers fans.


Photograph: Chicago Tribune