1. Fifty Years Ago Today, Martin Luther King, Jr. Gets a Chicago Address

The Nobel Prize winner moved to the slums in North Lawndale. 1150 South Hamlin Avenue no longer exists. What happened to the change he sought? WBEZ revisits his stint in the city.

2. The Rise of the Yelpers

Chicago’s top Yelper has posted more than 2,500 reviews in the past nine years—almost one a day. Chicago profiles the reviewers.

3. Do Chicago Police Have a Surveillance Slush Fund?

An activist is using a “barrage of FOIA requests” to find out. On the Media talks to Freddy Martinez.

4. Morgan Park High School’s Fight for Fairness

They have the best basketball team in the state, but a gym that can hold only 250 of its 1,400 students. The Cauldron delves into their history.

5. Rauner Releases Calendar

But does he have a state email address? Cell phone or landline? One inquiring reporter wants to know. The Illinois Times tries to get to the bottom of it.

6. How Mavis Staples’s New Record Got Made

The local legend has been making audiences cry for her entire career; Pharrell made her want to bring some joy. The New Yorker lays out the process.

7. How the Failure to Prompty Book Criminal Suspects Invites Police Abuse

The notorious Homan Square CPD facility has interrogation rooms, but nowhere to book suspects. And that’s a problem. Mother Jones explains.

8. What Did the EPA Do Wrong in Flint?

The water crisis cost the agency its Midwest administrator, the cost of months of inaction. Chicago magazine gives the timeline.

9. Moto, and the Dreams of Fulton Market

The late Homaro Cantu’s restaurant closes February 14, bringing a pioneering history to an end. Fooditor tells its tale.

10. Mayor Rahm Wants to Spend $16 Million on High-End Apartments

The developers claim that it’s a “very risky venture,” raising the eternal TIF question: would anything happen but for the subsidy? The Reader returns to tax-increment financing.