1. Anita Alvarez: “I’ve Done Nothing Wrong”

The Cook County state’s attorney discusses the Laquan McDonald case, her political opponents, and more. Chicago magazine sits down with her.

2. How the Hammond Organ Laid the Tracks for Gospel’s Hit Train

“A pipe organ couldn’t shout, but a Hammond organ could shout.” NPR traces it back to Chicago.

3. Chicago Violence, Homicides, and Shootings Up in 2015

But no one knows why, or which way the numbers are headed. The Tribune explores some theories.

4. Police Violence Raises Concern over Access to Mental Health Services

One of the mayor’s first big controversies overlaps with his latest in the wake of the Laquan McDonald shooting. WBEZ connects the dots.

5. What If the Causes of Violent Crime Are Blowing in the Wind?

A new study finds that crime is worse where air pollution is bad. Pacific Standard explains.

6. In Chicago, Mental Health Workers Are Armed and Dangerous

The city has promised more training and different equipment for officers to deal with mental-health crises. But do we really want the police in that position? The Chicago Reader and City Bureau pose the question.

7. Making a Murderer Features Chicago-Style Police Interrogation Technique

What is the “Reid Technique,” and how well does it work? DNAInfo explains.

8. The Best Place in Chicago to Eat Russian Food—Naked

A Portage Park sauna allows you to chase your schvitz with borscht, or vice versa. Fooditor explores the Chicago Sweatlodge.

9. The Snow White of the Dead

How a 25-year-old Chicago woman found her calling in taxidermy. Chicago profiles Mickey Alice Kwapis.

10. How Many Black Men Are Federal Judges in Obama’s Hometown? Zero

Obama’s judiciary is diverse—but the first U.S. District Court to be integrated isn’t. Crain’s goes behind the numbers.