1. More Chicago Gangs Arming Themselves with Rifles as Alliances Spread Conflict

They can hit a target three city blocks away and do immense damage to their victims. And they’re changing the nature of gun violence in Chicago for the worse. The Tribune looks at their prevalence.

2. Hannibal Buress Is Bringing It All Back Home

He rose from doing three or four stand-ups a night in the city to headlining the Civic Opera House. Now he’s planning on giving back to the city he came from. The Reader asks him about his plans.

3. A Year of Grieving Publicly

Photographer Anjali Pinto lost her husband at the age of 31, just 16 months into their marriage. She worked her way through afterward on Instagram. Chicago magazine profiles her work.

4. Chicago’s Young Big Men Rule So Hard Right Now

The Bulls were supposed to be one of the worst teams in the NBA—and while they’re pretty bad, they’ve looked good on a recent hot streak, led by an unexpected core. Deadspin sings some praise.

5. To the Chicago Police, Any Black Kid Is in a Gang

Its gang database has 130,000 people in it, and getting swept up in its data can have serious repercussions for anyone caught by police. A local activist makes the case in the New York Times.

6. What’s That Building?

From the home of Chucky to the city’s only enclosed shopping arcade, a look at some of Chicago’s most interesting structures. WBEZ takes a tour.

7. Downtown Growth Leads Chicago to Highest Job Peak in Decades

The majority of jobs in the city are located there—for the first time since records have been kept. Crain’s runs the numbers.

8. More Chicago Shooting Victims Being Shot Multiple Times

In a 2017 sample, victims were hit by 4.25 bullets—two more than in a sample from 25 years ago. Why? Gun technology is a likely culprit. The Sun-Times examines the trend.

9. Chicago’s Year in Headlines

ShowYouSuck looks back in rap form. Chicago magazine gives him a stage.

10. 18 New Illinois Laws to Know in 2018

The state banned elephants from circuses, allowed for gender change on birth certificates without gender reassignment surgery, and made sure a pet’s well-being is considered in divorce cases. Chicago Tonight runs down the list.