1. 113 Suburban Cop Shootings, Zero Discipline

A 13-year-old was shot by a cop who was aiming for a tire-rim thief. His bosses did nothing. He’s not alone. WBEZ and the BGA investigate.

2. Lena Waithe Comes Home

The South Side scribe, who became the first black woman to win an Emmy for comedy writing with a win for Master of None, looks back on her Chatham childhood. Chicago magazine sits down with the screenwriter.

3. Almost-Forgotten St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Photographer Now Remembered as Poet

Jun Fujita took the iconic shots—as well as ones of Frank Lloyd Wright and Albert Einstein. He was also an actor, painter, poet, train porter, and construction worker. The Tribune tells his story.

4. Is Chicago About to Ruin Jackson Park?

The Obama Presidential Library has already claimed 20 acres. Now it wants five more—for an above-ground parking garage. Is this any way to treat an Olmsted park? HuffPost makes the case.

5. Being Chris Ware

The cartoonist’s massive Monograph gets into his head, and his life—and what’s missing from it. The New York Review of Books reviews it.

6. What’s Behind Chicago’s Downtown Jobs Boom?

A higher percentage of Chicago’s adults has at least a bachelor’s degree than any of America’s largest cities. Crain’s looks behind the numbers.

7. Gunshot Victims Offered Chance to Break Cycle of Violence

At Stroger Hospital, the Healing Hurt People program tries to help people move on emotionally and mentally from violence. The Sun-Times visits.

8. Life of a Scouting Report: How the Cubs Have Streamlined an Age-Old Process

Scouts have 72 hours to figure out a player’s future. Then it goes into the massive, mysterious Ivy database. The Athletic ventures inside.

9. Common and Lena Waithe on the Importance of Hope, Joy, and Father Figures in The Chi

The South-Side natives are teaming up to present their city on the new Showtime drama. Variety speaks with them about what’s behind the show.

10. How Chicago Gave America Its Time Zones

In just a couple weeks, America went from dozens of time zones to four. Chicago magazine explains.