Could you or your fellow sports pal make the 43-year field goal that Bears kicker Cody Parkey doinked on Sunday? If so, you could win free beer for a year.

Goose Island took to Twitter yesterday to condemn the "armchair kickers" criticizing Parkey, whose placekick, which was tipped by Eagles tackle Treyvon Hester, cost the Bears their first playoff game in eight years.

So this Saturday, the brewery is building a field goal post at its Fulton Market taproom, and any old schlub who shows up and sinks one from 43 will win free beer for a year.

It is, of course, very hard to kick a long field goal. It takes months of strength training, to say nothing of accuracy. There are probably some college and ex-high school kickers who stand a chance (the contest is 21 and up), but in reality, Goose Island stands to sell a lot of food and beer to a lot of overconfident Bears fans.

Better yet, Parkey himself could show up and win redemption. Lord knows the dude needs a drink.

The rest of us will stick to our thrones of potato chips and vape pens.

GO: Saturday, January 12, 1800 W. Fulton St. 12 p.m. signup, 1 p.m. kickoff. Contest rules here.