Chicago is young, clumsy, foolish, its architectural sins are unstable, captious and fleeting — Louis Sullivan

* Lynn Becker notes that UIC is hosting an exhibit of great unbuilt Chicago architecture; the Architect’s Newspaper has a review. It’s a popular theme here….

* The Art Institute hosted its own Unbuilt Chicago exhibit back in 2004 (PDF), which featured Helmut Jahn’s plan for Block 37. It’s very… early 2000s.

* Curbed Chicago looks at ten unbuilt green design schemes for Chicago.

* Lee Bey on the 1949 Civic Center plan.

* In advance of this past weekend’s Dave Matthews Band Caravan, the Trib‘s Steve Johnson wrote a lengthy piece about preparing the old U.S. Steel site, 600 almost completely vacant acres, for tens of thousands of concert-goers. David Schalliol, one of my favorite local photographers, and writers, wrote his master’s thesis about the site, and has some excerpts at his Web site; it’s a good quick run-through of its history. It’s the subject of a massive new propsed real-estate venture, which isn’t the first one:

* Chicago Screenshots, a tumblr of stills from movies filmed in Chicago. I’d never heard of The Monitors or Goldstein.