Overheard at Pitchfork 2012

Storified by Chicago Magazine · Mon, Aug 06 2012 09:28:27

Photographer on the sound of Vampire Weekend: "It sounds like Paul Simon." #OHatP4KRay Whitehouse
It’s like, sure, they have guitars, but they’re great live… #OHatp4kElly Fishman
Things just got a little ethically outrageous, "A snitch, n***a, that’s that shit I don’t like" #OHatp4kElly Fishman
Best line this weekend: "When I say black, you say hippie! Black! | Hippie! Black! | Hippie!" @kendricklamar #OHatp4kElly Fishman
This festival makes me want to turn my 1980s mustache into an 1880s one #OHatp4kElly Fishman
There she is! #OHatp4kElly Fishman
#OHatP4K Lady Gaga is at P4K.Ray Whitehouse
There’s something so right about Real Estate, beach balls, and young guys in old guy Hawaiian shirts. #OHatp4kElly Fishman
Sharkula! That guy has been trying to sell me mixtapes for years #OHatp4kElly Fishman
Should I text him right now? I just dont know because he definitely had braces… #OHatp4kElly Fishman
you keep me really relevant, among tweens #OHatp4kElly Fishman
Pitchdork #OHatp4kElly Fishman
I see guy with a cape and box that says "Free Kittens." I ask to see kittens. He says, "Congrats, you just won my band’s t-shirt." #OHatP4KRay Whitehouse
Girl to a guy with a 40 ounce beverage: "I’m not upset at you, just jealous." #OHatP4KRay Whitehouse
You guys don’t care, rain or shine you’ll wear your sunglasses. Carrie Brownstein #OHatp4kElly Fishman
"Who pressed the button to make the sun come out?" #OHatP4KRay Whitehouse
"Peanuts, popcorn, cracker jacks! We don’t got ’em but we do have Vitamin Water."#OHatP4KRay Whitehouse
Security guard to high school kids: "If you want to get high, just do it in the crowd….I don’t want to fill out paperwork." #OHatP4KRay Whitehouse
You know you’ve made it when you have sperm whales on your shirt #OHatp4kElly Fishman
"Do you mind if I tell you how Country I am?" – Big K.R.I.T. #OHatP4KRay Whitehouse
He said I look like a pornnstar, and I’m like that won’t make me sleep with you! #OHatp4kElly Fishman
I keep hearing about this guy Willard something, turns out I don’t like it. But I like beer! #OHatp4kElly Fishman