If Saturday and Sunday see storms like today's, we might just rename this year’s festival to “Pitch-a-tent-fork.” Still, the show goes on, so below are five essentials to get you through the weekend. PLUS: Check out our style gallery, updated every day »

SUNGLASSES: They protect your eyes from the sun, but more importantly, they keep your reputation from faltering when you start to tear up as Feist croons her soothing set.


FANNY PACK: A great way to carry all your festival must-haves—like that tiny, striped, spandex bra.


CHEETAH-PRINT LEGGINGS: Since the desert cats flourish in warm climates, wearing their pattern will surely help you keep cool.


A ROMPER: Key for all cute ladies. But the look comes at a price: Porta-Pottys.


PONCHO: If the rain picks back up and you’re without an umbrella, cozy up to someone with a poncho. They just might share the wealth.