Via Crain's, Yelp has released wordmaps that, apparently, document "where the hipsters are," along with yuppies and frat bros. It being Yelp, I suspect it's more where people perceive those Others to be; judging by the heat maps, Milwaukee/Damen/North is where Chicagoans congregate to complain about the other people congregating there.

Those of us who speculate that the three-decade-old term "yuppie" has forked into "frat" and "hipster" (an irritating word, perhaps, but an old one that has managed to mean a spectrum of things over time) will find succor in these maps. Coincidentally, yuppie is likely a term invented in Chicago, attributed to either Bob Greene (the one-time Establishment voice of the disestablished who now writes burnished prose about America, in the way of all things), longtime Chicago writer Joseph Epstein, or perhaps Dan Rottenberg in the May 1980 issue of Chicago. You're welcome. We're a judgmental city, and thorough about it.

First, "yuppie":

Now, "hipster":

And "frat":

Put them all together and you get:

Oh, wait—that's actually the map for "hangover," recognizing what unites, instead of divides.