Down goes DuPage County. See ya Cicero. Rosemont? (Shudder.) No.

The City Council yesterday gave its full-throated approval to the $500 million Wrigley Field renovation plans being pushed by the Ricketts clan, owners of the team, effectively squelching further talk of moving the team.

And though Tom Ricketts, the Cubs chairman, did not give a start date for a groundbreaking (he wants a pledge from the rooftop owners that they will not sue if their sightlines are blocked by new signage), the city council’s unanimous vote is a big win for him.

Who is Tom Ricketts, and who are his co-owner siblings? His family has been able to navigate the choppy waters of a massive project, with so many competing interests pulling in so many different directions. So how has this guy been able to get virtually everything he wants?

It's all explained in our July feature profile of the power family—"Who Are These People?