1. ‘They Shoot Out Here Every Day.’

Chicago violence, from the perspective of a crime reporter. The Tribune’s Peter Nickeas reveals what the job is like.

2. Sweet Home Chicago? The House Where Muddy Sang the Blues Awaits a Rescue

A red-brick Victoiran at 4339 South Lake Park was the bluesman’s home for two decades—and it’s been vacant for more than half as long. The Washington Post untangles its roots.

3. In Praise of Lurie Garden, Millennium Park’s Quiet Corner

Although not nearly as famous as the Bean, the sanctuary reflects the state of Chicago. Chicago reads the leaves.

4. How Chicago Sorts Kids into High Schools

The city’s embrace of school choice has led to the grouping of students by achievement. WBEZ runs the numbers.

5. ‘Crash Tax’ a Jolt for Distressed Drivers

At least 15 suburbs charge non-residents a fee, an hourly rate, or a per-firefighter rate if you crash your car there. The BGA breaks the story.

6. Want to Reduce Crime in Chicago? Cut Prison Sentences

The more petty criminals we keep behind bars, the harder it is to lock up the hardened ones. Crain’s makes the case.

7. Street Artists Peek Out From Behind the Shadows

You’ve probably seen their work. Here’s who they are and why they do it. The Reader reveals six familiar creators.

8. City Limits

The University of Chicago’s Gary Project is an attempt to revive the struggling city next door. The University of Chicago Magazine profiles the Harris School’s work.

9. How Accessible Is the CTA?

Some of the city’s el stations are impossible to use if you’re wheelchair bound—and will continue to be even after renovations. RedEye explains why.

10. Have a Little Sympathy for the Sidewalk Cyclists

With summer comes a rash of bikes where they aren’t supposed to be. But there’s a reason those scofflaws probably think it’s fine. Chicago delves into the irritation.