Back in late April, a few weeks after Chicago published the first article of our two-part investigation questioning the Chicago Police Department's crime statistics, aldermen Scott Waguespack (32nd Ward) and Willie Cochran (20th Ward) introduced resolutions in the city council calling for hearings on the reliability of the department's crime statistics. More than a third of the council's 50 aldermen signed on to these resolutions.

So, what about that hearing? Interestingly, yesterday, with less than 48-hours notice, the council's workforce development and audit committee and its public safety committee scheduled one for Friday morning.

We'll be there. You can go, too; it's open to the public. But don't expect a real hearing.

It'll be co-chaired by the mayor's floor leader. It was scheduled at the 11th hour, for a Friday in August, when many aldermen aren't around. And, according to the hearing notice, includes just one presenter: Superintendent Garry McCarthy.

In any case, here's the info:

Time: 10:00 a.m.
Place: City Council chambers, second floor of City Hall, 121 N LaSalle Street