1. What Schools Will Do to Keep Students on Track

In 2007, Chicago made an extensive effort to keep students from dropping out in their freshman year, and found a silver bullet. The Atlantic checks their progress.

2. In Chicago's Woodlawn Neighborhood, Untapped Economic Opportunity

It's known as a commercial desert, but people are making money there—especially hair salons and tax-prep services. The Chicago Reporter pays a visit.

3. Talking to a Chicago Crime Reporter About Covering the City's Murders

Michael Lansu, who ran the Sun-Times's "Homicide Watch," opens up on the beat. Vice sits down for a Q&A.

4. Chicago's Netflix Tax: Targeting the Cord Cutters?

The city's controversial new tax on cloud computing services comes as its telecommunications tax revenues are collapsing. Chicago magazine explains.

5. Black-Owned Banks Are Dying. Here's Why It Matters.

During Chicago's decades of redlining, they provided rare capital in the community, but the Great Recession hit the remaining ones hard. Marketplace looks at their history.

6. Inside the Failed Prosecution of Chicago Detective Dante Servin

Anita Alvarez speaks in-depth about her controversial decision to charge Rekia Boyd's shooter with involuntary manslaughter. The Tribune gets her on the record.

7. Closing Time for Chicago's Trading Pits

This week, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange goes down to one open-outcry trading pit. The pits' veterans have some stories to tell. WBEZ gets the first-person perspective.

8. Going Beyond Bronies at the My Little Pony Fair

Ponyville comes to Schaumburg, and brings more than just the famous male fans of the plastic horses. The Reader goes inside.

9. How Much Could Chicago Pension Payments Jack Up Your Property Tax Bill? Try 30 Percent

But it would still be lower than it was in 1999—and the lowest in Cook County. Crain's runs the numbers.

10. That Castle on the Kennedy Expressway Has a New Owner … And He's Finishing It

One of the city's most notorious houses sat unfinished for five years, but with another $700,000 it'll be good as new. DNAInfo takes a tour.