1. Chicago Tops in Fatal Police Shootings Among Big U.S. Cities

From 2010 through 2014, Chicago police shot and killed 70 people, more than half in six South Side districts. The Better Government Association finds the numbers.

2. Mountains of Trouble

Southeast Side residents banded together to kick petcoke storage facilities out of their neighborhood, but the battle’s not over. Chicago discovers how they did it.

3. Willie Lloyd—the ‘King of Kings’—Has Died

The Vice Lords leader claimed to have reformed—but a 2003 shooting in Garfield Park left him quadraplegic for the last 12 years of his life. Carol Marin remembers him in the Sun-Times.

4. Hope Fades for Restoring Pilgrim Baptist Church

The Louis Sullivan–designed building burned in 2006; its small congregation has been unable to bring it back to life. The Tribune updates its condition.

5. Chance the Rapper’s Set at Pitchfork Was #PeakBlackness and #PeakChicago

With the city “in the midst of a black arts renaissance,” the young star continues his climb with a memorable set. Pitchfork recounts his headlining performance.

6. There Goes the Neighborhood

When we get the Obama Library, what are we actually getting? Rick Perlstein asks in The Baffler.

7. Jason Lazarus Wants the Photos You Can’t Bear to Live With

And he’s gotten more than 4,000 of them so far. The Reader profiles his project “Too Hard to Keep.”

8. Four Things Chicago Government Is Getting Right

The high-profile 606 and a long new prairie running from McCormick Place to 47th Street along Lake Shore Drive make the list. Crain’s allows some praise.

9. Emanuel’s Proposed Ordinance Would Dramatically Enlarge TOD Districts

A move towards transit-oriented development would allow new housing to be built with no required parking, among other changes. Streetsblog Chicago details the plan.

10. Ten Years Later, Schwa Is As Excellent As Ever

The brilliant, enigmatic restaurant remains one of the city’s oddest—and best. Jeff Ruby revisits it for Chicago.