1. A Night with Pauley LaPointe, Chicago’s Nightcrawler

The freelance video journalist crosses the city’s streets every night, battling the competition to record the city’s crime. Chicago tags along.

2. The Inspiring Story Behind Chance the Rapper and Malcolm London’s Open Mike Nights

The local hip-hop star teamed up with a 22-year-old poet, “the Gil-Scott Heron of his generation,” for the Teens in the Park Festival. The Fader talks with London.

3. Project Fire Offers Peace Forged in the Flame

A glass-blower and a psychologist combined their very different talents to help Chicago kids deal with trauma. The Reader profiles their work.

4. Driving, Skidding, and Drifting on Chicago’s Underground Lower Wacker Track

Enthusiasts pull car stunts late on weekend nights, and neighbors aren’t happy about it. The Tribune goes into the scene.

5. How Chicago Is Trying to Integrate Its Suburbs

Cook County is working with its suburban counterparts to establish affordable housing for low-income residents in the collar counties. CityLab explains.

6. Elena Delle Donne Is Having the Best Season in Basketball History. Now What?

The young star of the Chicago Sky is dominating the WNBA. Vice Sports looks to her future.

7. Please, Cubs, Don’t Win!

What the Lovable Losers will lose by winning. The Wall Street Journal enquires.

8. Women Carpenters’ Silent Struggle

Union trades have long been a ladder to a stable, middle-class life. But women still have trouble getting into the field. Ms. Magazine talks with some local laborers.

9. City Fires Investigator Who Found Cops at Fault in Shootings

Lorenzo Davis was a Chicago cop for 23 years. Does he have “a clear bias against the police”? WBEZ breaks the news.

10. What Happened to Pat Quinn’s Chickens?

Rumor has it that the governor’s mansion wasn’t big enough for them and the new governor’s dogs. But their whereabouts remain mysterious. Chicago follows their trail.