1. The Best of Chicago

From the best caterer to the best children’s book store, learn how to do the city right. Chicago makes its picks.

2. When Wall Street Offers Free Money, Watch Out

Bankers want governments to pay for their pensions with bonds. Illinois, of course, offers a cautionary tale. ProPublica issues a warning.

3. Violent Englewood on South Side Had No Shootings July Fourth Weekend

Police increased their presence, but so did mothers. The Tribune looks into how it happened.

4. Chicago’s Harold’s Is the Best Bad Fried Chicken on Earth

“Bad fried chicken is still better food than most good everything else.” Serious Eats sings its praises.

5. Why the AACM and AfriCOBRA Still Matter

On the 50th anniversary of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, MCA curator Naomi Beckwith talks about its legacy and her museum’s exhibition. The Reader sits down with Beckwith.

6. Chicago Funeral Homes Face Challenges in Gang Territory

Hiring cops and avoiding gang colors are a part of a funeral director’s job at the same home that was responsible for the funerals of Emmett Till and Harold Washington. NBC News vits A.A. Rayner & Sons.

7. Remembering Chicago’s Deadly Heat Wave

An Uptown resident describes how he lost a friend in one of the neighborhood’s sweltering SROs, and other memories of the disaster. WBEZ goes back in time.

8. Chicago Has Had More Than 12,000 Shootings Since 2010

It adds up to more than 14,000 victims and 2,000 deaths. DNAInfo charts the violence.

9. Goodbye Moto

Neil Armstrong’s “one giant leap for mankind” was spoken on a Motorola radio. What happened? Crain’s illustrates its downfall.

10. ‘Drudge Whisperer’ Tracy Sefl Analyzes the Clinton Campaign

The Democratic strategist gave the candidate a boost by way of her friendship with the mysterious political-news proprietor. She did it again with the SuperPAC Ready for Hillary. Now she can sit back and watch. Chicago talks to the Old Town resident.