1. The Longest March

50 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. came to Chicago. Even he had no idea how difficult the city would be to change. Chicago magazine looks at the Chicago Freedom Movement’s legacy.

2. How Children Cope with Violence in Chicago

What happens when a child knows what a gunshot is… but not death? Tribune crime reporter Peter Nickeas gives voice to the survivors at Medium.

3. What the City of Chicago Really Lost When Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose Left Town

The two Bulls stars were both publicly and quietly active in the city in their own unique ways. Vice Sports recounts their deeds.

4. This Spot in Chicago Is the Epitome of a More Than $100 Billion Problem Facing America

The 75th Street Corridor is the “Super Bowl of Freight Rail.” And it’s a mess. Business Insider documents the “Gordian knot of Chicago.”

5. The New Ed Vrdolyak Is Nothing Like the Old One

A former school counselor and CTU activist, daughter of a legendary organizer, Susan Sadlowski Garza brings a contemporary progressive politics to a far corner of Chicago. The Reader visits the city’s far Southeast side.

6. Is Kurt Summers the Future of Chicago Politics?

With his star on the rise, the city’s treasurer looks to bring his office into the spotlight. Governing profiles the 36-year-old.

7. Anti-Police Brutality Activist Works with Cops to Stop Gun Violence

Just after Ja’Mal Green was released from electronic monitoring for allegedly hitting a cop, he was in Englewood for a rally alongside the CPD. WBEZ listens in.

8. Michael Jordan: ‘I Can No Longer Stay Silent’

For decades, the basketball legend largely kept out of politics. He just gave $1 million each to the NAACP legal defense fund and the Institute for Community-Police Relations. He explains why in The Undefeated.

9. Hey, Donald: Stop Trying to Use Chicago’s Violence to Score Political Points

The city has become synonymous with big-city troubles, but do the people invoking it actually care? Chicago runs the numbers and runs down the rhetoric.

10. Farmhouse’s Line of Ciders Is Local, Authentic—and Growing

There’s such a thing as a “true” cider apple. And virtually no one uses them. Fooditor gives them a taste.