1. What It’s Like to Be Black in Naperville, America

A native looks back on years of taunts, profiling, and isolation in the majority-white suburb. Brian Crooks tells his story in the Naperville Sun.

2. The Philosopher of Feelings

Martha Nussbaum’s work is the stuff of everyday life, and it might make her the most profound philosopher in America. The New Yorker profiles the University of Chicago prof.

3. How Four Teenage Girls Organized This Week’s Huge Silent Protest

Twitter and CPS protests laid the groundwork for the 1,000-person sit-in. Chicago magazine talks to one of the leaders.

4. The Lessons Learned When You’re Raised by a Black Cop

Jamilah Lemieux grew up the daughter of a CPD detective (and Black Panther), giving her a perspective on what law enforcement is, and should be. The Ebony senior editor looks back.

5. Segregation Still Haunts CPS

When CPS was forced to attempt integration, it changed the life of author and reporter Natalie Moore. Will future CPS students be able to say the same? The WBEZ veteran lays it out in the Sun-Times.

6. Heavn Help Us: The Joyful Music of Jamila Woods

The organizer and musician steps out from the shadow of her high-profile guest appearances on her debut album. Noisey profiles the Chicagoan.

7. How Science Could Help Prevent Police Shootings

And an alumnus of the Obama campaign’s tech team is behind it. Mother Jones presents Rayid Ghani’s work.

8. Broken Police Oversight System Rarely Punishes Cops

The Independent Police Review Authority is slow, deferential, and not truly independent. The Tribune investigates.

9. The Magicians

Four friends have spent the last quarter-century perfecting some of the world’s hardest card tricks. Chicago magazine pays a visit to their weekly meeting.

10. The Heart of the City: Finding Chicago’s Geographic Center

Seems simple? This is Chicago, so there’s going to be politics. WBEZ goes on a hunt.