1. The Moneyman Behind the Alt-Right

The scion of a Chicago textile empire has quietly been building the white-nationalist political movement over decades. Buzzfeed profiles Bill Regnery.

2. Cops Targeted Chicago’s Most Violent ‘Beat.’ So Crime Moved Next Door.

When CPD flooded tiny Beat 1011 with resources, it worked. But shootings went up on the other side of Roosevelt Road. The Sun-Times investigates.

3. #KingOfTheMitzvahs

How a West Side drug dealer became a top party emcee for the city’s Jewish elite. Chicago magazine profiles Kareem Wells.

4. How City Power Players Diverted $55 Million in Blight-Fighting TIF Cash to Navy Pier

Emails reveal how money intended for a hotel in a South Loop TIF district helped pay for renovations at Navy Pier outside it. The Better Government Association and Crain’s dive in.

5. Photographing the Demolition and Transformation of Chicago’s Public Housing

A photographer watched the city’s high-rise projects come down over the course of a decade. David Schalliol presents his work at the Chicago Architectural Biennial’s blog.

6. The Bill for Treating a Gunshot Wound: $21,000 for the First 35 Minutes

$500 for a steel plate. $246 for each bone screw. It adds up to almost $450 million over about seven years. The Tribune calculates the cost.

7. The Sinclair Revolution Will Be Televised. It’ll Just Have Low Production Values.

The broadcast chain is known for low budgets and enforcing its conservative views on its affiliates. And Tribune Media is in its sights. Bloomberg Businessweek explores WGN’s suitor.

8. Why Save the South Shore Nature Sanctuary?

Combining the Jackson Park and South Shore golf courses will eliminate this relatively new little slice of wildlife on the South Side. Chicago Patterns makes the case.

9. Plan for New CPS High School Puts Chinatown in Middle of Racial Fray

The neighborhood has long wanted a community high school. But to make one, CPS plans to kick out an African-American elementary school. WBEZ tells the story.

10. Chef Gene Kato and the Quest for Perfection

He hit it big with the glitzy Japonais but got worn out by its planned expansion to New York and Las Vegas. Now he’s working on his dream at the minimalist Sumi Robata Bar. Fooditor talks to him about his second act.