1. From Myanmar to Chicago—a Teenage Rohingya Muslim Refugee’s Journey

He missed four years of school in limbo as a refugee. He dropped out of high school in America to earn money for his family. But at immigrant-heavy Sullivan High School, he’s getting some of the help he needs. The Teacher Project profiles Salamat Khan Bin Jalil Khan.

2. A Small Michigan Town Mourns a 12-Year-Old Girl Slain in Chicago: ‘She’s Here with Us’

People come to Covert to escape the violence in Chicago. She’Nyah O’Flynn was claimed by it on a June visit. The Tribune tells her story.

3. Why the Uptown Theatre Restoration Is a Big Deal

Mothballed for decades, it’s the target of an ambitious public-private partnership. Chicago magazine explains.

4. Scott Foster’s Wild Night: From Watching on the Couch to Taking the Crease

The Chicago accountant got pulled into service as a Blackhawks goalie in March, and his seven saves in 14 minutes made him a folk hero. ESPN gives him an oral history.

5. ‘Brown Girls’ Creator Fatimah Asghar on Turning Microagressions into Dark Comedy

The poet and screenwriter channels the surreal interactions of her life into her scripts. She tells why in Glamour.

6. Architecture’s Great Injustice, According to Jeanne Gang

The starchitect tackled inequality in her own office by addressing its pay gap. She makes the case for Fast Company.

7. Donald Trump Asked, “What Do You Have to Lose?” This Illinois Town Found Out

The Department of Housing and Urban Development said that Cairo is “dying.” But its residents didn’t want to go. Mother Jones visits.

8. Reza’s Restaurant, Chicago, 1997

“my / father my father built / the world the first sound I ever heard / was his voice whispering the azan” Iranian-American poet Kaveh Akbar looks back in VQR.

9. Bruce Rauner Discovers Bipartisanship

But will it work for an incumbent whose approval ratings are underwater? The Economist sits down with him.

10. Chicago Targets ‘Zombie Housing’ for Renewal, Block by Block

The Micro Market Recovery Program zeroes in on blocks that were hit hardest by foreclosures during the housing crisis. U.S. News & World Report takes a look.