If you need a cram session for the Stanley Cup tonight, here's a place to start, beginning in 1929.1 Pleasantly, it begins with "Here Come the Hawks," the 1968 song written for the team by Dick Marx, father of Richard Marx (yes, that Richard Marx) and composer of some of America's greatest advertising earworms (double your pleasure, double your funthere's two scoops of raisins in Kellogg's Raisin Bran). As a song it's not too far from "Let's Go White Sox" and leagues better than "Go Cubs Go."

I'd missed that Ministry wrote a song for their hometown team. It sounds like Ministry. It's a lot more threatening than "Chelsea Dagger."

1. Not actually the Blackhawks, but the American Hockey League's Chicago Shamrocks, who actually became the Red Wings. If you look closely in the full video you can see the shamrock logo.