Juan Mazariegos (facing camera) and Justin LaMonica, both of Glen Ellyn, celebrate a Blackhawks goal in style. Photo: Chris Sweda/ Chicago Tribune

The Blackhawks are up 2 games to zip over the LA Kings in the NHL playoffs. Whether you're a bandwagon fan or a loyal devotee, the temptation to wear a Blackhawks sweater is stronger now than ever. You've gotta support the team.

The problem is, this is a tricky look to pull off. Hockey sweaters are not exactly tailored garments, and the color palette is pretty busy. But don't worry.

You can do this.

Here are just a few key rules to keep in mind:

You're a grown-up.

This entire look reaches its zenith around age four. A four-year-old kid can look damn cute in a hockey sweater. It plateaus until around age 10 or so, and then the sweater look gets steadily more awkward. So you have to recognize from the start that you, adult hockey enthusiast, are at a disadvantage.

Unless, of course, you are four years old, and you're reading this story with your mom. In that case, you should probably also paint your face.

Don't paint your face.

The sweater goes a long way toward declaring your Blackhawks allegiance. By wearing one, you're taking fandom to a fairly extreme level already. On top of a sweater, even a Blackhawks ball cap is overkill. There's no need to raise the stakes with face paint. Unless, of course, you plan to terrorize TV reporters outside of NBC.

Just keep it simple.

Your best bet for this outfit is just a simple pair of jeans and sneakers. The same basic rule applies for ladies, according to Chicago's extremely stylish Carly Boers. "Ladies, please don't attempt to glam it up," Carly advises. "Skirts and heels do not jibe with your sweater." Again, recognize how bold a statement the sweater is making on its own.

Pick a classic.

For anyone doing any last-minute sweater shopping to put together the perfect outfit for a Big Game: Don't wear the sweater of a guy currently on the ice. Go with a classic Blackhawk. Pit Martin. Pierre Pilote. Keith Magnuson. In fact, this rule applies to wearing any sweater for any sport.

Update: @Blue_In_Green59 makes a great point. Three points, actually. Hat trick for you!