Photo: John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune

This up-do is supposed to resemble the Stanley Cup. Close enough, ladies!

Thousands of people are converging on Chicago for a day of screaming about the Blackhawks. Maybe that's your idea of a good time. Or maybe you'd rather just watch the insanity from the safety of a computer screen. 

Local media is ready to bring you a live stream of the action. Here are several of the internet's finest ways to witness the pandemonium:


Chicago Tribune

The Trib is running a live blog of the action. It's already underway!


Chicago Sun-Times

The S-T is running coverage with their partners at NBC 5. But there are a lot of curated tweets thrown in by web maven Marcus Gilmer. His voice always adds something unexpected to the conversation.



It seems the newsroom has basically emptied out at RedEye today. Follow these folks for a mob's-eye view of the event.


NBC Chicago

Crank up the headphones and let people scream in your ears as if they were actually bumping into you with NBC 5's video feed.



This local news station has marshaled its helicopter crew to show you the action from the air. They also have reporters on the ground.



The live video feed for WGN appears to be the same thing you'd be watching on your actual TV.


CPD Scanner

All credit for this idea goes to Marcus Gilmer, and he's onto something: The best way to get a sense of what today is really like might be to listen to it from the Chicago Police Department's perspective. Here's a link to listen to the CPD scanner as the paddy wagon fills up.