Photograph: courtesy the Clinton Global Initiative

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addresses the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative in Chicago on Thursday.

The third annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative kicked off this morning at the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago, and it only took a few minutes before someone dropped the first Stanley Cup mention.

"I have something very important to say: Go Blackhawks," said Mayor Emanuel. "When I was coming home from the game last night at 12:30, I said 'Who can I call?' President Clinton, he’ll be up. From years of working with him, and the other person who would actually go through each play to actually give credit to the Hawks for a great game."

Emanuel wasn't the only Chicagoan to heap some praise on the team after last night's victory in triple overtime. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who grew up in Park Ridge, also opened her speech with a nod to the Hawks.

"I listened to my friend Mayor Emanuel reference the Blackhawks game. I actually remember listening to the Blackhawks games on the radio when I did my homework all those years ago. My father and brothers and I were great Blackhawks fans," Clinton said. "But three overtimes? Really? I can imagine there is a sense of euphoria as well as exhaustion affecting many of our Chicago participants today, and I heartily endorse the mayor’s call to Go Blackhawks."

Clinton spent the rest of her speech outlining the initiatives she is going to pursue through the Clinton Global Initiative (especially early childhood development and opportunities for women), but she sidetracked at one point to praise the host city.

"It’s not surprising that [the annual meeting] would be held in Chicago since the conference itself began as an effort to put our heads together about renewal in America, and Chicago has long taken as its inspiration and symbol as the rising phoenix," she said. "I think that’s absolutely appropriate. As someone who was born in this city and spent so many wonderful years here growing up and coming back and visiting, it’s exciting to see what it looks like, what it’s doing, and I appreciated Mayor Emanuel telling us about all the other tasks that are being undertaken to ensure that Chicago is a global destination and in fact a competitive city across the world."

The Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting continues through tomorrow, so plenty of time for some more business and political leaders to declare their Hawks pride before Game 2. Looking at you, Valerie Jarrett.