Photograph: Courtesy Scott Strazzante/Chicago Tribune


Blackhawks fans are serious—this is not news. But you might be surprised to know that they're $290 to $9,400 serious. Yes, the cheapest standing-room-only tickets for the Stanley Cup Finals against the Boston Bruins are selling for almost $300 a pop; the priciest are getting into the thousands.

People will do anything for them. Even twerk.

Luckily, Craigslist is here to help—as long as you can navigate your way past the weirdos of the web to secure yourself some legitimate tickets. And that's not so easy.

Inspired by this post on Deadspin, we shopped around a little more to see the strangest ticket transactions on Craigslist. Turns out Mr. "I make a ton of money anyway" cage diver wasn't alone. Here are five more.


The Madman


That's actually just the title. The all-caps style continues through the body of the post: "WHY WAIT I'M BUYING 312-545-2375 THANKS CAN DRIVE TO PICK UP ANYWHERE" 

And that's it!


The Scammer

"$1300 for the pair. Will EMAIL the tickets in exchange for PayPal. Will accept $1250 PayPal if PayPal is sent as a gift to a friend (therefore I won't be charged PayPal fees)."

So I just send you the $1250 and you'll email me right back? Okay!


The Drill Hustler


What kind of power tools we talking here? Makita? You got Makita? Cause I ain't giving up these tickets for no Craftsman. 


The Sweethearts

"*** Help Us With Our Bucket List *** – $1000000 (We'll Come To You)… [My wife and I] can show up virtually anywhere within an hour in most cases with unmarked 20s, smiles on our faces, wearing Kane and Sharp sweaters!"

Honestly, the most ridiculous detail about this ad is the $1,000,000 price they quote. And the sweaters. This one is more cute than anything. 


The Bieber Fan

"I have 2 seats next to each other Justin Bieber tickets for July 9 at the United Center, 200 level on the side, row 5 that I would trade for 2 Blackhawks tickets…I would rather have the hawks tickets but I will also consider trading these for a motorcycle or scooter almost any size."

Stanley Cup tickets would be great, but you'll take a scooter. Sure you wouldn't rather just go see Justin Bieber?