1. Chicago’s Most Eligible Singles

From a rising Bulls star to a federal prosecutor, some of the city’s most fascinating people are looking for love. Chicago magazine hosts a virtual meet-and-greet.

2. Hack Attack: In Taxi vs. Uber, the Drivers Are Sidelined

A former cab driver reflects on how technology has changed his old job, and how Chicago should handle it. New City looks at the issue from behind the wheel.

3. Girl Believed to Be Gang Assassin Before She Was Gunned Down

Before her death, 17-year-old Gakirah Barnes kept a file of friends killed in street violence—and was a suspect in “three to five” shootings. The Sun-Times profiles Barnes and her alleged involvement with the Gangster Disciples.

4. What the Heck Happened to Chicago’s Truancy Officers?

Chronically truant students are still a problem, but the CPS officers who once roamed the city’s neighborhoods are long gone. WBEZ looks into their disappearance.

5. Inner-city School Applauds First College Graduates

This spring, Urban Prep, the charter academy for young black men in Englewood, saw alumni from its first class graduate from college. The AP catches up with several students—and tells their complicated stories of success.

6. Handmade Weapons in Cook County Jail Ingenious, Elusive

Keeping lockup from being a “shank factory” requires careful attention to the tiniest details. The Tribune watches the cat-and-mouse game.

7. A Minister Lives Close to God in a Towering Church Steeple

One of the best apartment views in Chicago is from the parsonage at the Chicago Temple, 568 feet above the city. The Chicago Reader tours the home of Rev. Philip Blackwell.

8. The 10 Best Places to Be Alone in Chicago

McKinley Park, the Chicago Cultural Center, and the Brown Line are all peaceful places to enjoy the city solo. Chicagoist’s contributors share their picks.

9. Chicago Bike Lanes: Loved By Cyclists, Feared by Drivers and Pedestrians

The city’s rollout of protected bike lanes is attracting users, but everyone else is still getting used to them. Chicago magazine examines the numbers.

10. The Search for America’s Best Burrito Turns to the Northeast

Data wizard Nate Silver began his burrito bracket in Chicago—but does Milwaukee really have a better burrito than us? FiveThirtyEight continues the quest for the best.