Did you spend your lunch hour staring at the blue ticket of despair? You, us, and a million other Blackhawks fans, too.

DNAinfo reported that all 60,000 free tickets to Thursday’s Soldier Field Blackhawks rally were scooped up within 15 minutes of becoming available at noon.

And already enterprising—or exploitative, depending on your views of free-market economics—Chicagoans have taken to Craigslist, Ebay, and other secondary markets to make a quick buck.

Listings on Craigslist quickly settled into a price of $100 per ticket, as does this Ebay listing offers four tickets for $400. (Buyer beware: Estimated delivery is listed as Friday.)

Ticket broker Dan Finkel of Gold Coast Tickets said he had been trying to buy tickets for resale but was so far coming up empty. His target price? $50, mostly just to cover his cost. “We're just trying to get them to our regular customers.”

There are some Samaritans out there, too. One quick-fingered benefactor offered free tickets on Craigslist, but only to the right person.

I have 2 extra Blackhawks Rally tickets for Soldier Field to be given to a "true" fan. Be the first one to call me and tell me who wore the #9 jersey retired by the Hawks and they are yours.

Alas, once again you're already too late: The post was deleted before we even had a chance to contact the author to find out their identity.