1. Video Shows How Detectives Obtained a Confession in the Killing of Hadiya Pendleton

A rap video posted on YouTube led police on a journey that ended with a 23-hour interrogation conducted by two teams of detectives. The Tribune breaks down their method.

2. Why Chicago Is Flourishing and Dying at the Same Time

Education marks the biggest split. Crain's runs the numbers.

3. Cook County Made Yuuuge Error on Trump Tower Tax Bill

And it shows the complexity of taxing the city's biggest property-tax revenue generators. The Sun-Times investigates.

4. Why Are People So Riled Up About Black Girls Dancing Hip Hop on Pointe?

Chicago dance legend Homer Bryant teaches his students a difficult style he calls Hiplet. Chicago magazine talks with him about their viral video.

5. Chicago's Jail Inmates Locked Up for 218 Years Too Long

In just one year. The Daily Beast explains why.

6. Growing Temp Industry Shuts Out Black Workers, Exploits Latinos

A state senate bill was designed to combat it. Why and how was it killed? The Chicago Reporter autopsies the legislation.

7. Exploring the Roots of the Violence in Chicago

Veteran WBEZ reporter Natalie Moore puts it in context for a national audience. She speaks with Scott Simon on Weekend Edition.

8. Roger Ebert and the Multicultural Passkey of the Midwest

How did the downstate kid become a man of the world? He started with curiosity. Belt examines his cultural education.

9. The Pet Lover's Guide to Chicago

From the city's luckiest dog to places to pamper your own pet, an exploration of our creatures and ourselves. Chicago magazine devotes a week to domestic animals.

10. This Artist Is Making Mini Cityscapes and They're Really Amazing

An Aurora man sculpts tiny urban environments with remarkable realism. Buzzfeed presents the work of Ryan Monahan.