1. Welcome to Refugee High

45 percent of Sullivan High School’s students are immigrants. They welcomed 89 refugees just this year. And it’s getting better academically as it happens. Chicago magazine profiles the Rogers Park school and its students.

2. The 606 Landscape Grows, As Do Concerns About Displacement

It’s a new kind of park. The pushback it’s getting is new as well. Blair Kamin looks at the debate in the Tribune.

3. Viaduct Needed on North Side, But Where Will Homeless Go?

The encampent at LSD and Wilson Avenue is especially tenacious because of its good location. So it’s especially fraught when construction has to be done. The Sun-Times looks at the options.

4. Only the Senate Can Save Illinois

Bruce Rauner and the House are at war. So that leaves one option for setting the terms of surrender. Rich Miller makes the case in the Quad-City Times.

5. Meet the Baleada King of Chicago, at Cafe Izalco

The city is stuffed with tacos—which is great, but the Honduran version is a good but rare alternative. Fooditor tries David Velis’s offerings.

6. Greener Pastures

Jackson Park is changing. What would Frederick Law Olmsted do? South Side Weekly poses the question.

7. Making Our Own Heroes

Dr. Day Davis is training Chicagoans to offer first aid when someone is shot. WBEZ goes to a UMedics class.

8. Success Is Part of My South Side Story, Not Separate from It

Andrea Bossi is the first student from Lindblom to go to Harvard. And her neighborhoods, Greater Grand Crossing and Roseland, helped her get there. She tells her story for Chicago magazine.

9. Chicago Mayor Big Bill Thompson Used ‘America First’ Decades Before Trump

And he tried to purge Chicago textbooks of… British propaganda? The Reader tells the tale.

10. Stop Whining, Chicago, the Cubs Are Going to Be Fine

The front office believes they’re fine—and save for maybe a starter that they have the depth to acquire, they’ve got reason to think so. Vice Sports goes through the lineup.