Left: Alicia Brown. Right: Andrew Harlan. DS Shin

Alicia Brown: Proud that I'm a veteran and that we're representing our generation of veterans. This wouldn't have happened 5 years ago.

Andrew Harlan: Last year was my first year attending Pride, and I'm proud to be back to march this year and feel the sense of solidarity.

chicago pride parade
Left: Angel Abcede. Right: Assanti Bonet. DS Shin

Angel Abcede: Proud of getting all these balloons up on my float. I think Pride is a great opportunity to galvanize our community.

Assanti Bonet: I'm proud of Puerto Rican culture.

Left: Carlotta Gill. Right: Charles Velez. DS Shin

Carlotta Gill: Pride, equality and everyone's happiness!

Charles Velez: I'm proud to be an inspiration. I remember being in high school coming to pride, and I always wanted to be the guy marching in Pride.

chicago pride parade
Left: Dan Pulvermacher. Right: Dixie Lynn Cartwright. DS Shin

Dan Pulvermacher: I'm proud to support my peers.

Dixie Lynn Cartwright: I'm proud that I'm sober before noon.

chicago pride parade photos
Left: Ivy Reynolds. Right: Jacob Gorman. DS Shin

Jacob Gorman: Proud to be supporting my swimming team.

Left: Jaye Michael, Darrian Wesley. Right: Jeff Flink. DS Shin

Jaye Michael and Darrian Wesley: Proud of ourselves and the progress our society has made.

Jeff Flink: I'm proud that our community has survived through the struggles together, and I look forward to the better future.

chicago pride parade
Left: Kurt Matthesius. Right: Lemikas Lavender. DS Shin

Kurt Matthesius: Proud that my church supports me and gay Pride. I know that God loves me and so does Jesus.

Lemikas Lavender: Proud of families in all the forms.

Left: Rohan Zhou-Lee. Right: Sal Quintana. DS Shin

Rohan Zhou-Lee:  I am proud of myself and people around me that survived because of love. I am proud of the brave children who are out here today.

Sal Quintana: Proud of our right of expression.

chicago pride parade photos
Left: Stacy Araujo. Right: Stella Heon. DS Shin

Stacy Araujo: I'm proud of being transgender.

Stella Heon: I am proud of making sure everyone can love without feeling bad about themselves.

Left: Thomas Ayala. Right: Tony Del Valle. DS Shin

Thomas Ayala: Proud of the amazing weather, and I feel for my people over in Hawaii.

Tony Del Valle: I'm proud just to be here. This is my first Pride.

Left: Tricia Lovett. Right: Tristan Hayden. DS Shin

Tricia Lovett: Back when I came out in 1989, it was the roughest time in my life. I'm proud that people can come out in all types of forms today, and that's so good!

Tristan Hayden: I'm proud to be surrounded by friends and to have a good time.

chicago pride parade
Left: Valeria Mendez. Right: Wendy Sitti. DS Shin

Valeria Mendez: I'm proud of being gay and drag. I'm also proud that this is my first time doing drag in Chicago.

Wendy Sitti: I'm proud that even though there was a setback, we are still moving forward.