1. Where Killings Go Unsolved

Huge swaths of major cities experience hundreds of unsolved homicides. Some of the biggest are in Chicago. The Washington Post maps them out.

2. Hundreds of Illinois Children Languish in Psychiatric Hospitals After They’re Cleared for Release

DCFS can’t find anywhere for them to go, and the problem in Illinois is one of the worst in the nation. ProPublica Illinois and The Atlantic investigate.

3. Ann Lui on the U.S. Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

The local rising star is co-curating an effort led by Chicagoans. Chicago magazine sits down with the architect and professor.

4. ‘It Felt Like I Was Wrapped in One Big Hug’

The Chicago Gay and Straight Alliance held a prom in West Englewood this year, and 150 students from all over the city gathered for it. The New York Times goes out.

5. Can the ERA Pass in Our Lifetime?

Illinois just ratified it after a 36-year delay. There’s just one more state to go. Dame magazine explains.

6. Roseland’s Transformation Captured in 1970 Student Film

Two natives who met at Fenger Academy are returning to their footage after decades in TV and film. The Reader takes a look.

7. The Unmaking of an Incel

A 19-year-old Chicagoan defined himself as an “incel,” or “involuntary celibate.” It led him down some dark paths, but he’s finding a way out. HuffPost talks with him.

8. “I Think We Have a Gay Bar”

Before Big Chicks was Big Chicks, it was an old-man bar for Appalachian transplants in Uptown. Bon Appetit tells its story.

9. Illinois’s Population Is Falling, But the Sky Isn’t

And there’s no simple explanation. The BGA and Crain’s examine the trends.

10. The Chorus

“You wake up in Chicago, pull back the curtain, and you KNOW where you are.” In 2016, Anthony Bourdain visited the city for his show Parts Unknown, and reflected on its nature.