Photograph: Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune 


It's official: After 13 seasons, linebacker Brian Urlacher is no longer on the Bears, the Tribune reports. 

The team sent out the message Wednesday that the two parties were unable to reach an agreement. According to Urlacher, the team offered him a one-year, $2 million contract, which he called "a slap in the face." He says he would have played for as low as $3.5 million, but the Bears wouldn't budge.

Urlacher made it clear in past interviews that he would like to finish his career as a Bear, but now he is exploring options with other teams.

No. 54 is walking off into the sunset, leaving us with just the great memories—like that game in his sophomore season when he returned Michael Vick's fumble for a 90-yard touchdown. Or when he humiliated Matt Ryan in Week 1 a few years ago. Or, you know, the best comeback of 2006, when he had 25 tackles (even if they don't say so in the video). Or when . . .