chicago public schools closures

Chris Walker/Chicago Tribune

The final Chicago Public Schools list of closures (54), turnarounds (6) and co-locations is out (it's also got the transition plans for each one and a schedule of community meetings). It'll actually result in the closure of 61 buildings, as Linda Lutton explains.

* The average racial mix of the schools being closed is 88.6% black, 9.2% Hispanic, and 0.6% white, compared to 41.6%/44.1%/8.8%.

* Five of the 54 schools being closed are majority Hispanic; the other 49 are majority black. 

* The average low-income population of the schools being closed is 93.8 percent, compared to 87 percent overall.

* For the schools that have data going back to 2000 or 2001, the average drop in enrollment among the schools being closed is 47.4 percent.

Here's the list at a glance, with demographic and performance stats via; "utilized" refers to the Chicago Public Schools' formula, which has been contested.