The last few weeks have brought a fresh round of rumors on the future of the Cubs—never forget that Rosemont weirdness—but the Tribune is reporting that one particular rumor is coming back around: the Jumbotron.

The Cubs and the city are reportedly very close to inking a deal for Wrigley renovations, but the Tribune reports that there’s a hitch:

A key sticking point in the negotiations over the rehab of Wrigley Field is whether to allow the Cubs to erect a giant video screen within the Friendly Confines, with the team seeking a 6,000-square-foot display that would be about triple the size of the iconic center-field scoreboard, sources say.

If you’re feeling a little déjà vu, it’s because this came up a few years ago too. Back in 2010, the Tribune reported that the team liked the idea. They ended up submitting plans for a “lighted billboard” instead.

Anyway, back to the present. The current scoreboard is protected under landmark status and can’t be moved, so that new screen would have to go behind right or left field. Ald. Tom Tunney recently got into trouble for allegedly proposing to tear down the scoreboard altogether, but he denied that report.

The team has a self-imposed deadline of April 1 to submit their proposal. What’s your call?